Our History...

The School was founded in Sydney in 1967 by Dr Peter Derig D.C.(Chiro), D.O., N.D. as the New South Wales College of Naturopathic and Osteopathic Sciences. The College established shortly thereafter a Faculty for External Studies. The early success of the School was largely due to its objective, of providing quality education in Natural Medicine for our numerous Students in country areas through Distance Learning.

The School has continued to grow and expand over the years to a point where it, has become not only one of the longest established, but also one of the largest Schools of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

1967: N.S.W. College of Naturopathic & Osteopathic Sciences was founded.

1971: Graduation of first Naturopathic Students

1976: External teaching faculty separated from Internal faculty to become Health Schools International.

1984: School became an Accredited Teaching School of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

1987: Health Schools Australia formed as a branch of Health Schools International.

1994: Commencement of a new Health Science Programme, designed for Natural Therapists, undertaken through University Partnerships, the commercial arm of the University of New England (Armidale, N.S.W.).

1994: Founding of the International College of Complementary Medicine

1994: V.E.T.E.C. (Qld) Accreditation for Diploma of Naturopathy and Diplomas of Natural Therapies (Ten Streams) and Seven Recognised Training Programmes.

1995: First student graduated from the University with Bachelor of Health Science.(B.H.Sc.)

1996: V.E.T.E.C. (Qld) Accreditation for Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

1996: V.E.T.E.C. (Qld) Accreditation for Advanced Diplomas of Complementary Medicine (8 Streams)

1997: Commencement of Health Science Programme with Charles Sturt University (Bathurst Campus)

1998: Approval of Bachelor of Health Science Degree (Complementary Medicine) ­ Charles Sturt University (Bathurst Campus)

1998: Approval of Bachelor of Health Science Degree (Naturopathy) ­ University of New England (Armidale).

2000: Multiple Graduates with Bachelor Degrees from our collaborating Universities

2001: Adopted Functional Medicine as the academic benchmark in Nutrition

2002: Nationally Recognised Training ­ Courses Accredited in Compliance with AQTF Standards

2003: Formation of the International Wellness Institute and revision of 3 qualifications in Wellness as separate practitioner qualifications in their own right and in keeping with the world wide revolution of Wellness Principles as the future in Preventative medicine.

2004: Introduction of the first Nationwide Seminar Series for the Natural Medicine profession by a teaching College as opposed to Manufacturers Product-based Seminars.

2005: H.S.A. is re-accredited with the N.H.A.A.

2006: Health Schools Australia celebrates 40 years of offering the highest standard in Natural Medicine education.

2007: Health Schools Australia gains accreditation in England through Warnborough University by developing a Bachelor Degree. Click here for details.

2008: Health Schools Australia is the first Australian Natural Medicine to gain accreditation in America through the American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB)

Health Schools Australia purchases larger premesis as it continues to grow.

2009: Toxic Planet Seminar This activity has been approved by the RACGP QA&CPD Program. TOTAL POINTS: 40 (category 1) Activity No: 742774
2011: Health Schools Australia celebrates 45 years for teaching quality natural medicine courses
2012: Health Schools Australia purchases larger premesis as it continues to grow.